Ulva Lettuce Algae

Ulva Lettuce Algae

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Ulva Lettuce
Ulva rigida
Sea Lettuce

Reef Tank Suitable, Fish-Only Tank Suitable

Natural Environment: Inhabits intertidal rocks, tidepools, and reef flats where nutrients are high, wave forces low and herbivores are somewhat reduced. Has a somewhat thin, flat and slightly ruffled leaf, often about 4 inches (10 cm) in length.

Aquarium Suitability: Rarely seen in the trade, yet when available will make a good food for herbivorous animals, yet not a long-term desired alga for aquariums. In nutrient-rich aquariums with bright light and few animals to eat it, it will grow nicely and may make for a nice display.

Notes: Like chaeto it can be used for filtration. It houses pods and can be fed to fish. Fast grower.

You will receive one pint.

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