Tonga Branch Rock per pound

Tonga Branch Rock per pound

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If you are looking for a style of live rock that will have a lot of variety, Tonga Branch is an excellent choice. Tonga Branch live rock is imported from the Kingdom of Tonga. Mixed finger shapes and thicker arm shapes make Tonga Branch excellent for reef foundations as well as webbed building designs. As with most branch styles, Tonga Branch is easy and quick to cure. It is also a great way to keep detritus to a minimum. By using it on the bottom of the aquarium there will be minimal contact with substrate (sand or gravel), allowing for optimal water movement. The rock generally comes with lots of coralline algae growth, which makes an attractive addition to any marine aquarium.Tonga Branch is also very useful in fish only systems called FOWLER systems. They require allot of open areas for swimming.

It is a great addition to any aquarium live rock aquascape. For your aquariums saltwater fish Branch Rock is also a great thing. Arrangements with Branch Rock provide beautiful branching clusters and shapes with nooks and crannies that your saltwater fish will love to swim in and out of. It also comes along with the coralline coloration unique to the reefs of the Tonga region. As the name suggests, Tonga Branch Rock is generally shaped like a dense branch of a tree. Made from long dead calcareous coral skeletons, the surface of Branch Live Rock may appear with any of these splattering of colors Pink, Red, Orange, Purple or Green, owing to the type of Coralline Algal growth seeded into it from its source, the Island of Tonga.

Branch Live Rock from Tonga enhances the visual appeal of your marine aquarium. Large size Branch Live Rock is used to fill spaces in a large sized aquarium while still allowing full water flow throughout the tank. Branch Live Rock provides enough crevices and spaces for the small marine aquarium invertebrates to hide in. Branch Rock also can host various small marine invertebrates such as, Mollusks, Crustaceans, Phytoplankton, Worms, Sponges, Starfish and Corals to name just some.

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