Singapore Angelfish

Singapore Angelfish

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Singapore Angelfish

Scientific Name: Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus

Reef Compatibility: With Caution

Minimum Tank Size: 100 gal

Max Size: 7”

Food/Feeding: Omnivore

Notes: The Singapore Angelfish is an alluring beauty. It's small in stature but rich in color and form, often mistaken for a Butterflyfish because of its appearance. This is a modest sized angel, reaching only 7 inches in length, but very striking with its blue lips, yellow face, and a distinctive vertical bar running through the eye. The bi-colored body starts out in triangular white patch behind the head fading into a larger black area, accented with a yellow speckled patterning throughout. The name "vermiculated" refers to this angelfish’s patterning of wavy or winding lines. It is also known as the Vermiculate Angelfish, Singapore Angelfish, and the Red Sea Butterflyfish.

The Singapore Angelfish are omnivores, in the wild they eat primarily benthic algae and weeds, but will also feed on sponges, tunicates, and ascidians (sea squirts), and have been observed nipping at stony corals. Provide a varied diet in the aquarium. Offer frozen, flake, and freeze dried foods that also have Spirulina added. They like mysis shrimp, and shredded fresh or frozen shrimp. They will also eat filamentous algae and diatoms in the aquarium.
To help get this angelfish to feed when first introduced it is a good idea to have a large crop of algae, including caulerpa or similar macro-algae. It is not uncommon for this genus of angelfish to go about a week without eating anything you have to offer.

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