OLD Shipping Information

Although we strive to ship your order per the guidelines below please note that sometimes your order may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Many of our products are living creatures and Live Rock that must be harvested from the sea floor well over 12 miles from land, depending on weather conditions we may not be able to fill orders promptly. There may be other extenuating circumstances where it is unsafe for our divers to dive. In any case, if any of these circumstances should arise we do try and keep our customers informed, if you have any questions you are welcome to Contact Us

Arrive Alive Guarantee 

Buy with confidence. If your fish, coral, plant, or invertebrate doesn't arrive alive we'll credit your account. All aquarium livestock is hand-picked, carefully screened for size and exceptional color, quality, and health by our experts. We guarantee that all livestock will arrive alive or we will issue a store credit for the purchase price of your lost item. 

Under the following circumstances we WILL NOT be able to honor our warranty:
  • Livestock that says Expert Only, Not Covered Under Arrive Guarantee.
  • Orders refused or not received on the first delivery attempt.
  • Orders not held for pick up at the UPS/FEDEX facility when temperatures are greater than 90 degrees or lower than 40 degrees.
  • Orders placed during extreme weather will not be covered under our alive arrive guaranteed. 
  • Any shipping option other than Airlines Shipping or Overnight for Fish and Coral cannot be guaranteed. 
If you are unsure about how you would like your order shipped or would like a price before ordering, just send us a message at [email protected].

We try to reply to all emails within 24 hours, normally it is much faster.

Shipping Days

We ship via UPS Mon-Wed for most items and can ship Airlines any day. Just let us know when you would like to receive it.

Handling Fee

For orders under $25 we do charge a $5 Handling Fee, orders over $25 are not charged any Handling Fee.

Free Shipping

We may offer Free Shipping on some orders, see Current Promotions for details, (Excluding Live and Dry Rock) With our Free Shipping, this is good for Airlines (anywhere in the US) and Ground (FL, AL, GA etc.). We will normally upgrade your order to 2nd Day in most cases, at no extra cost to you, however sometimes places like CA, WA and OR the cost of shipping is extremely high. In which case we will give you a regional credit toward shipping. We also allow your to upgrade your shipping to Overnight for a nominal fee.

Airline Shipping

We ship through the airlines typically twice a week. We call each customer and determine what day is best for them, and will work with you on shipping to make sure it arrives at the best time for you to receive your order. Due to the unique nature of our product Airline Shipping is normally the best option for any orders over 30 lbs. However, this means you will have to be available to pick up your order at the Airport closest to you.
You will be picking up the shipment from the airlines air freight facility. Where you pick up your freight is not where you go as a passenger. Be sure call the airline and verify where you will be picking up your order. We will give you an air bill number which you will use to find out when your shipment arrives, what time you can pick it up and how much freight you will pay when you pick it up. We suggest not going to the airport until you call and verify that the package has arrived.

Delta Airlines - (800) 352-2746 
Southwest Airlines - (800) 533-1222 
United Airlines - (800) 825-3788

Local Pick-up

Local pick up is available on an appointment basis, you can either pick up from our location in New Port Richey, FL or in some case we can meet you locally or within the state (FL) with the requested products, there would be no fee for this, however we do ask this for local pick up you bring your own containers. We can supply them for a small fee.

FedEx/UPS shipping/USPS

We do ship FedEx and UPS whenever possible. Currently we are using UPS exclusively, if you would like your order shipped by FedEx, please contact us and let us know.
 We no longer ship USPS due to loss of too many shipments.

Below is the map that will let you know how many days UPS Ground is to you, UPS Ground shipping can be used many times for Live Rock and Clean Up Crews in the 2 day areas.
UPS Ground

How we ship our Live Rock

We are constantly trying different ways to come up with the best way to ship Live Rock across the country, we have found the best way is to start with an insulated box, then double bag and simply wrap the rock in wet newspaper as this will hold the moisture directly to the rock. Through trial and error we have found this way of shipping to be more than adequate, however if you would like your rocks shipped completely submerged, we are more than happy to do so, just let us know. There will be no charge from us, however it may increase your shipping charges due to the extra weight, we will let you know before shipping. We also include Ice or Heat packs when necessary, this is done at no additional charge. 

Shipping Dry Goods

Our dry goods are shipped from multiple warehouses all over the country. Most of the time this expedites your order as most are centrally located and ground shipping is only one of 2 days, however sometimes this means your order will take longer to get to you, if you have questions about where your order will ship from or approximately how long it will take, please contact us and we can get you the information.