Rod's Fish Eggs - 2 oz

Rod's Fish Eggs - 2 oz

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Fish eggs are in many of our blends, but they can also be a fun, tasty treat for the reef that all will scramble to eat. Fish eggs are not meant as a staple diet but as a supplement to other blends. Our Fish Eggs Blend is high in protein and omega fatty acids and work well to entice those finicky eaters to eat prepared foods.

Fish eggs, Reverse osmosis water.

Fish Eggs BlendSpecifications:
Maximum moisture content: 84.4%
Minimum protein: 4.43%
Minimum fat content: 0.67%
Maximum fiber content: <0.2%
Maximum ash content: 2.9%

Fish Eggs BlendBreeders Blend Specs:
Feeds: Nearly every inhabitant of Reef Aquariums
Contains: A tasty treat for your entire reef.
How to feed: Feed on occasion as a treat or to entice a new arrival. Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.

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