1. Ricordea Mushroom

Ricordea Mushroom

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This is not WYSIWYG, we have multiple, however it will look very similar. If you would like to see the exact one just let us know and we can send you photos of what is in stock.

Sold per polyp.

Ricordea Mushroom
Scientific Name: Ricordea florida
Care Level: Moderate
Lightning: Moderate to High
Water Flow: Low
Placement: Bottom

Notes: The Ricordea requires a medium to high light level, but metal halide lighting may be too bright. It prefers a low water movement within the aquarium, and it may not be as hardy as some of the other mushroom corals. It is considered semi-aggressive and requires adequate space between itself and other corals. It reproduces by longitudinal fission. The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within it provides the majority of its nutritional requirements from the light driven process of photosynthesis. It also eats plankton and smaller invertebrates such as crustaceans.

Shipped as one polyp attached to shell, rock or frag plug.

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