Reef Bugs

Reef Bugs

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*Microplankton & probiotic formula for reef aquarium filter feeders
*Hatch and feed corals live microplankton in the 1-10 micron range
*Beneficial microbes clean up excess nutrients & the aquarium itself!

Super convenient live-food-in-a-box for aquarium corals and other reef filter feeders. Reef Bugs Complete contains real live microplankton dry-packed in their spore state for convenient use on demand. Place appropriate amount of Reef Bugs Complete in a glass with a few ounces of aquarium water for 20-30 minutes to hatch natural, micron-sized microplankton. No complicated hatchery or storage required!

Reef Bugs Complete replicates and restores real reef and marine snow with live microplankton in the one to ten micron range as single cells that will also form an aggregate. This innovative probiotic micro- and bacterioplankton reef-restoration formula also contains beneficial microbes that help clean up excess nutrients and the aquarium itself. 3 oz resealable bag contains over 100 billion marine microbes per ounce. Made in USA.

Reef Bugs Complete is ideal for: Coral, SPS, Soft Corals, Goniopora, Live Rock, Sponges, Octocorals, Gorgonians, Zoanthids, Clams, Scallops, Polyps and more. Also great for fish such Mandarin Fish and Seahorses.

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