Red Firefish

Red Firefish

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Scientific Name: Nemateleotris magnifica
Common Names: Firefish Goby, Fire Goby, and Magnificent or Fire Dartfish
Care Level: Easy
Size: Up to 3 inches 
pH: 8.1 - 8.4
Temperature: 72°F - 80°F
Specific Gravity: 1.020 - 1.025
Carbonate Hardness: (dKH): 8 - 12°
Temperament: Peaceful
Aquarium Size: 10 gallon.
Tank Mates: In the wild, the Firefish Goby is usually found in groups hovering over the reef, harvesting planktonic food that drifts by in the current. The docile, Firefish Goby is timid and in the wild, each will have a "bolt-hole" into which it quickly ducks when threatened. In the home aquarium, the Firefish Goby needs multiple safety zones amongst rocky crags or outcroppings into which it can dart if stressed. This member of the Gobiidae family is generally not aggressive towards other fish except those of its own species. However, a mated pair can live peacefully together.
Reef Tank Compatible?: Yes
Diet / Foods: Along with algae and zooplankton growing in the aquarium, the diet of the Firefish Goby should consist of finely chopped small crustaceans, vitamin-enriched brine fish (live or frozen), mysis shrimp, and prepared foods.
5 Stars
My firefish came in healthy and began eating right away. They usually hide for at least a day but one guy was out right away. Thanks!
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