OLD DOA Policy

We strive to supply only the best and healthiest specimens for your aquarium, in doing so we do provide an Arrive Alive Guarantee. If you receive a shipment and have any DOA please follow the following procedure.

Some items like snails and hermits may appear to be DOA but are actually in a dormant state due to the rise of pH during shipping. Please begin to acclimate SLOWLY and you should see them spring back to life. We provide full instructions and materials for drip acclimation as this is by far the best way to acclimate new creatures to your tank.

Upon receiving your package, if there are any issues please follow the instructions below.

  • First take a photo of the DOA still in the packaging (when available), and also a photo of the box it was shipped in.
  • Continue to acclimate per the instructions HERE
  • Go to Contact Us HERE and complete the form, be sure to upload the photos as no claims will be processed without photos.
  • Once we receive the claim we will contact you with options.
  • We do not offer a guarantee on any Octopus or Seahorse.

Please provide the following info when submitting a claim: 
  • Clear, identifiable pictures provided for each animal claimed DOA.
  • A clear picture of the original packaging that contained the shipment.
  • All claims must be within 12 hours of receiving the order.
  • Requests submitted without all of the above will not be processed.


We do not cover the cost of shipment of animals claimed under our DOA guarantee.
We reserve the right to require the expired animal to be shipped back to Salty Bottom Reef Co. 
The death of an animal that occurs due to tank incompatibility is not covered under our guarantee.
Acclimating marine life in any type of styro-foam container will void the guarantee.
Also note--during cold weather, live item(s) will slow significantly in response to the cold. 

SLOW acclimation is a must for success.

Returns are not accepted on Live Products. 

If you have a problem with your order being incorrect, DoA, or for any other reason, contact us at info@sbreef.com or at (727) 753-8552 (Call or Text). Please let us know as soon as possible after receiving the items, but keep in mind that livestock that appears dead often recovers once properly acclimated to your system. The low levels of pH in the water the animal was shipped in may create the appearance of death, but in fact the animal is just in a dormant state. We supply detailed information on how to properly acclimate your new additions, please follow these instructions.

If after acclimation your livestock is not well, we will, at our option either re-ship the order or issue a credit. For example, if an order is more than 50% DOA we will at our option refund you or offer to re-ship. Any second shipments are not guaranteed. For shipments under 50% DOA, we will credit your account for shipment with a future order. Shipping charges will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Returns on Equipment

Returns on unused, unopened products with the product and product packaging in new condition will be accepted up to 30 days after the customer receives delivery on an order. We do not take returns on lamps under any circumstances. The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping, and the original shipping charges will not be refunded. To accept a return on a product we must be able to sell the product again as a NEW PRODUCT.

Keep the Following in mind when returning a product:
  • The packaging for the product returned to us must be in the same condition as when the product was received. You may open the package and inspect for any hidden damage before returning a product.
  • Unless the product was sent to you in the retail packaging (which is very uncommon), the product must be returned in a shipping box (such as the shipping box the product was sent in).
  • If you write the shipping address/return the address on the product box, or have a UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping sticker on the product box we can not accept a return on the product.
  • If the product packaging has been damaged in transit when it was sent back to us, we can not accept a return.
  • If a returned product is damaged in transit back to Salty Bottom Reef Company, we cannot provide a refund for the returned products. The customer is responsible for placing an insurance claim with the shipper. We will hold on to the damaged product for one month. You may open the package and inspect for any hidden damage before returning a product. If you do not report damage before returning a product we will assume the damage occurred on the return journey to our facility and we will not accept the return.
We do not refund the original shipping charges. If the order was shipped to the customer for free, we will deduct AT LEAST $6.99 from the refund to cover the original shipping charges (which in most cases is much more than $6.99). Free shipping is conditional on the customer keeping the product.

All products returned to us must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice, a note with the invoice #, or the invoice # written on the outside of the shipping box (but not the product box).

Please send returns to: 
Salty Bottom Reef Co.
P.O. Box 216
New Port Richey, FL 34656

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