Keyhole Limpet
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Keyhole Limpet

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Keyhole Limpit

Scientific Name: Megathura crenulata
Reef Compatibility: Yes

Minimum Tank Size: 10 gal

Max Size: 1”

Food/Feeding: Herbivore

Notes: Sustaining itself on a diet of many forms of algae, the Keyhole Limpet thrives in a established aquaria where it can help control nuisance algae.

4 Stars
neet little dude
when I got it, it was so noticeable and stuff cruizing along the rocks, however it "business" is alover the back of the shell and cuz of the nutrience, algae is all over its shell, looks like a piece of rock now.
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Reviewed by:  from earth. on 5/14/2018
5 Stars
cool critter
i really like the little limpit, its the one oddball in my nano tank. dosnt look like anything compared to my dwarf cerith (bough 6 for tank) snails. it always hangs out on all rocks but the one with hair algae on it. its not an eyecatcher probably cuz of my royal gramma or fire shrimp. but its a good graizer. A littlebit better than the drawf cerith but ceriths do eat more than diatoms or film algae. 1is a good member of a nano cleanup crew
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Reviewed by:  from this world. on 4/18/2018