Colored Clove Polyp

Colored Clove Polyp

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Clove Polyps (Colored)

Scientific Name: Clavularia sp.

Reef Compatibility: Yes

Max Size: 1”

Food/Feeding: Photosynthetic

Notes: The Clove Polyp also known as the Daisy Polyp, features eight tentacle polyps that resemble a flower. They are mainly found attached to a single piece of live rock or shell. Clove Polyps are best kept in tanks with moderate lighting and moderate water flow and away from other corals. They can propagate rapidly forming mats or clumps and will encrust over adjacent live rock. A photosynthetic coral, the Clove Polyp will readily accept supplementary carnivorous foods. This unique and gorgeous coral is a great fit for most home aquariums as it is easy to care for and peaceful.

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