Cinnamon Polyps

Cinnamon Polyps

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This is not WYSIWYG, we have multiple, however it will look very similar. If you would like to see the exact one just let us know and we can send you photos of what is in stock.

Sold per Polyp.

Cinnamon Polyps

Scientific Name: Palythoa grandis

Reef Compatibility: Yes

Max Size: 1.5”

Food/Feeding: Photosynthetic

Notes: Palythoa polyps depend heavily on lighting and the zooxanthellate algae found in the polyps. While they will tolerate lower light, they will thrive if kept under higher light. They can also be target-fed occasionally with foods like brine shrimp or finely chopped mysis, clam, shrimp or other meaty foods. Palythoa polyps can spread quickly over surfaces and may even overgrow other corals. They should be places in areas with plenty of room to spread where they will not endanger other corals in the aquarium. They should also have moderate to high flow.

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