Blue Striped Pipefish

Blue Striped Pipefish

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Blue Striped Pipefish

Scientific Name: Doryrhamphus excisus
Reef Compatibility: With Caution

Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal

Max Size: 7”

Food/Feeding: Carnivore

Notes: The Blue Striped Pipefish is best kept in mated pairs or harems of one male and multiple females in an aquarium that is 30 gallons or larger. Males are territorial and will not tolerate the presence of one another. If adding more than one bluestripe pipefish to the aquarium, it is recommended to add them at the same time. It is not easy to determine gender, but mature males typically have a flattened appearance due to the brood patch, while females are more round. With the help of a magnifying glass, opaque papillae can be seen on the snouts of mature males. The Blue Striped Pipefish may be kept with small, shy fish such as small gobies, seahorses, dragonets, and firefish. Aggressive, territorial, or fast-moving fish do not make good companions. Pipefish will be harmed by anemones and corals with stinging tentacles or corals that are large enough to consume them, such as brain corals. They can also be harmed by invertebrates such as crabs and large shrimp. These pipefish usually spend daylight hours swimming vertically behind a pipe or upside-down under a rock ledge. At dawn and dusk they can be found swimming out in the open in search of food.
1 Stars
Did not ship well DOA
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Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati . on 5/23/2018
5 Stars
Auto technician
Pipe fish has great colors, heathy and a enjoy to watch
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Reviewed by:  from Ky. on 5/17/2018
5 Stars
I was a little worried at first because they are pretty small and the rest of my fish are quite a bit larger but after the fish had a look at them they have left them alone and they are great to have in the aquarium. I can see a couple more in my tank in the future.
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Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 5/2/2018

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