Mike's LIVE Phytoplankton Premium

Mike's LIVE Phytoplankton Premium

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Mike's Premium signature cocktail is our original mix, specially made to turbocharge coral growth while enhancing natural colors.  It's like high octane fuel for your reef.

  • Blend of 5 strains
  • Dosed at 1 mL per 15g of water
  • 129 feedings per bottle
  • Excellent for larval fish breeders
  • For use with 55g systems or larger

Mike's Phyto is a 100% LIVE aquacultured phytoplankton feed specially crafted to feed several coral types, including clams, sponges, sea fans, feather dusters, worms, including rotifers, copepods, and other zooplankton.  

We use a highly refined concentration process for use with our Premium signature blend.  The output is a live phytoplankton with a deep, dark rich green color.  In fact our Premium blend is so concentrated, it's intended for large or heavy coral stocked aquariums.

Mike's Phyto Premium contains over 125+ feedings per bottle, (sampled on 55g tank), a 16 oz bottle is dosed at 1 mL per 15g of water volume.

We carefully selected strains which only offered a mega boost to our nutritional profile.  What you get is a micro algae feed rich in...

  • Tissue building proteins
  • Color enhancing carbohydrates
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA)
  • Essential amino acids
  • Vitamins, and minerals

Mike’s Phyto guarantee:

  • 100% live and sustainably aquacultured
  • 100% organic and unprocessed
  • Preservative free
  • Committed to hobby sustainability through reef conservation initiatives

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